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Slow sexy kisses that make their way from pouty twink lips, down their necks, across smooth chests, circling around the shaft of a long cock. Soft wet lips sucking balls and kissing up and down the long hard cock and around to that sweet little asshole that needs kisses too. All of us love those passionate powerful kisses that play with our tongues, as tender twink lips, and rough gay stud nibbles work their way around our faces and bodies. It makes me want to start up a kissing booth with a glory hole added to keep it spicy. Imagining all those hot little gay boys with eager mouths that just can’t wait to lose themselves in my heated kisses. Daddy is going to get such a long make-out session tonight once he gets home. I’m going to take off his tie, and unbutton his tailored Armani shirt while brushing my lips across his neck. My tongue is going to press between his lips, because I want daddy to know how much I’ve missed him all day. Then it’s time for tender luscious kisses all over that body. Kisses are a sexual worship of your man that can be applied to every part of them. Taking time with your lover’s body, building up all of that sexy tension until both of you are just about to explode, and then taking that cock deep in your mouth. Letting kissing lead up to all of the sexy fucking just makes every moment of your man’s dick in your ass that much more intense.

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