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Halloween Heat

21 min HD October 27, 2023

It's Halloween, and Jacob Hansen is having a scary good night out with new boy on the block, Jamar West. The club is bustling with beautiful boys and holiday hijinks. As the spooky spectacle winds down, Jacob and Jamar make their way to the house, and quickly get down to some horny, Halloween hotness. Jamar's tight, toned, tan torso looks tasty, and Hansen can't control his hands. He handles the hottie's hindend like a boss as they make out, with West looking luscious in a jock strap.

Jamar's craving cock, and Jacob's got plenty to satisfy the sexy schlong sucker, who quickly gets to work deep throating the dude's dong. Anxious to take a taste of the new porn pretty-boy, Hansen hunkers down on Jamar's juicy jock for an ample feast. However, the boy's butt had his attention from the start; so, the boy has West arch that back. He eats the beautifully smooth, bronze butt like a beast, as Jamar pulls his handsome face deep into his horny hole.

Once the twink's tasty tunnel is glistening with spit, Jacob jams his giant johnson in, and holds the hottie by the throat as he strokes. West arches his back like a bitch hungry for a balling, banging his horned up hole back at Hansen, meeting his every thrust with fuck-boy force. Jocob is more than impressed with the naughty newbie's skills, and moans, "yea, take that fuckin' dick." After dicking the dude down in doggy, top twink turns his bottom over, and absolutely anniliates his freshly fucked ass with an incredible load of fuck juice.

The white hot heat looksgorgeous against the guy's beautiful brown complexion; and, Hansen can't help but go in for one final kiss.