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Afterparty Flip Fuck

21 min HD February 10, 2024

After a fun Helix house party where the boys hang, and play video games, Seth Peterson shows his talent for tickling the ivories to a super sexy Zach Letoa. Soon enough, he's tickling the back of his throat with Zach's meaty cock! Peterson looks incredibly hot, and butch with his new short haircut, and Letoa can't resist asking him if he can fuck that tight twunk hole. It's an offer the hottie can't refuse; and, Zach attacks the hottie's horny hole like an ass addict.

Petersons top tendencies kick in after getting his guts rearranged; so, he tells Letoa to turn over! The boy braces himself, and Seth muscles his meat in deep, pulls the tasty, tatted twink by the hair, and hammers the hell out of him. He mounts Letoa like a lion, sneaking round front to taste those full pink lips every now and again, while holding Zach's wrists down for an even deeper dicking. His pounding, pornstar precision is hitting Letoa's hot spot; and, he unloads all over the bed below them.

Peterson continues punishing pretty boy's pucker till he can no longer contain the boy bust building in his balls. He pulls out, and hoses that hot fuck hole down like a fireman. With the rim of Letoa's butthole filled with spunk, Seth slips that delicious dick in once more, plunging his stud seed in right along with it.