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Couch Pounding

16 min HD November 30, 2023

Naughty Kurt Niles, and tasty Kai Taylor turn up the heat in this butt banger! During a mischievous make-out, cock hungry Kai caresses Kurt's cock bulge, while Niles pantses the pretty boy, allowing his hot, jock-strap clad can to come into glorious view. Niles gives it a quick, little spank, which sends Taylor to his knees, where he chokes down as much of Kurt's 7.5 as he can. What he can't fit in his mouth, he strokes with TWO hands, before ending up on the couch, spread eagle, heels to the sky.

Horny as hell, Kai accepts every inch of Kurt's cock inside his can. Niles puts a perfect punishing down on the hottie's horned up hole, smashing ass in a a few different positions till a seat smacking symphony fills the air. Niles top twink strokes send signals down to Kai's sack, and he busts all over the blanket beneath them. Taylor's tightening, twitching tunnel has Kurt's cock ready to explode! He pulls out as Taylor spreads his cheeks, and shows Kai just how much he appreciates that ass with an extra large, lusty load right in his crack.

The while hot milk looks incredible on Kai's deep brown complexion, and super hot when it starts oozing down towards his freshly fucked hole. Niles can't resist ramming his rod in one more time; and, Taylor turns around to meet him, with a crazy hot, post-cum kiss.