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Tight Fit Flip Fuck

21 min HD January 11, 2024

CJ Parker, and Kurt Niles get naughty, and nasty right from the jump, in this Grade A ass banger! The pretty pair kiss, and caress, biting one another's lusty lips as curious, wondering hands travel south towards promising pleasure. Sexy, young Cj tastes every square inch of Kurt's taut torso, as he makes his pretty pilgrimage towards the boy's perfect, plump piece. Parker tickles the back of his throat with Nile's 7.

5 incher, before Kurt's hunger for cock kicks in, and he winds up bobbing for knob on his knees. Naughty nymph, CJ's slutty alter ego takes over, and he can't control his carnal urges. He begs the beefy sticked young stud to ride his raw rod like a whore in heat. Kurt cups the dude's can, spreads his smooth cheeks, and lets the lil' lad slide down his thick dick. It isn't long before CJ is bucking on the big beast like a bitch, and he explodes, covering Niles with a hearty good splattering of spunk! But, our boy hasn't had his fill yet! With a sexy hot supply of raw, raging hard youth, and horny hunger, CJ bends Kurt over, and cocks the dude doggy style! Nilews takes the twink's tallywacker like a pro, looking back over his shoulder as Parker pounds him out.

Our twink top tenderizes the guy's tush, but soon enough, CJ's hungry hole needs tending to. So, he bends over, and lets Niles finish what he started. Kurt crams his meaty cock in the boy's tight, smooth booty hole with a hard hitting hammering. He beats that back door down but good till his piece spits pure, white gooey gold all over Parker's plump posterior. He milk's every last oozy ounce from his mighty member, then smacks the twink's tail with his fat phallus, as he takes one more taste, kissing CJ full on the lips.