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Let's talk about toys! Fucking is fun but sometimes we need to spice things up and take it to the next level. When you add toys you take it to the next level. Sometimes it's not enough to have a juicy cock fill your mouth you want to have something up your ass at the same time. Toys are the solution and the gateway to sexual bliss. Our gay boys love playing with them and figuring out new and exciting ways to bring them into their performances whether solo or in a scene with another another delectable fuck boy.

Silicone cocks in every color of the rainbow greet the eyes whenever you walk into a sex shop. Butt plugs, vibrators, cock rings, cock cages, we've got it all in the toys category. Sometimes we want to enhance our scenes with the inclusion of toys. Toys are often used for masturbation and that is often where they excel adding a new dynamic to the proceedings.

Butt plugs are de rigueur for our twinks. They just love having butt plugs shoved up their asses as they move through the day. It's always there moving as they walk sending jolts of pleasure through their hot twink bodies. Butt plugs can be inserted and send jolts of pleasure whenever they sit down, stand up, and walk anywhere. When we add a vibrator it is pure joy.

The steamy Toys category also makes use of dildos, because our twinks love them big, and that is where toys come into play, because human anatomy can only go so far but our insatiable twinks need more. When they need that cock to go deeper they employ toys to increase their own pleasure.

When our gay boys play with toys it can include the use of cock rings to keep our boys hard all night long, because toys aren't just for solo play. We have couplings, threesomes, and even orgies that include the use of toys because we love them so much.

Toys category adds fun to any scene and you ill love watching our gay boys get fucked by dildos while they suck off a hard living cock.