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Pup Play | Part Two

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Garrett Kinsley, and his new boy are walking by the Cockypunk store in Las Vegas, when the window display catches their eye. After entering the store, they are greeted by Reece Jackson; and, he answers their queries about pup-play, explaining it all in gorgeous detail. Later, Jackson locks the door at closing time, and heads back to get in some pup-play of his own with hot blond, Jacob Hansen! The always ready Hansen is already harnessed up under his shirt, and clad in a matching jock strap.

He puts on the matching puppy mask to complete the fantasy, just as Reece orders him to, “speak.” Jacob gives his guy a good puppy, “ruff,” then gets to gobbling down that bone. Jackson let’s the pretty puppy know, he’s a, “good boy, before ordering Hansen to, “stand up.” Reece gets on his knees, and sucks his puppy’s perfect piece like a horned up hound, before maneuvering around his boy's back.

He anxiously eats, and kisses that hot, smooth hole. He slips one finger in, then two, then a sizable butt plug with a matching tail! The puppy wags his tail, and Reece gives that beautiful back side a smack, taking in the sexy sight for a bit, before boning the puppy’s pretty posterior. The sound of balls smacking booty, mixed with magnificent moans fills the air, as Reece puts a good dicking down.

Then, in a tasty turn of events, Jackson orders up a fucking! The boys flip, and Hansen heaves hog into Reece’s righteous rump. He takes off his pretty puppy mask, and reveals that handsome mug once again. He delivers Dick in several porny positions, causing cum to careen out of Jackson’s jock, and all over his tasty, tan, smooth stomach. Sensing Jackson is hungry, Jacob moves his massive meat up by the boy’s perfect lips, and lets his load fly! Reece catches most of it on his tongue, and you can see it ooze down into his thirsty throat.

The rest of Jacob’s wrath spills over onto the beautiful boy’s cheek. Still starving for more, Jackson cleans Jacob’s jock for him, slurping down the rest of that delicious dick drizzle as he works.