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Dawson Grant Solo Session

16 min HD March 31, 2017

Fresh and young, Dawson Grant is a tender young morsel who is into cars and cock! Max Carter is perfectly driving this car connoisseur like he's a stick shift. Grant's gigantic dick is already peeking out of the top of his underwear, unable to contain it's contents. Max gets Grant to show EVERY angle and opening, and ALL are pure, smooth perfection. After Carter cracks the seal, Dawson dives into his own hole with a welcome toy.

The newbie holds his new buddy deep in his butt as Max multi-tasks, making use of the beauty's booty AND bulging bone. This is about all the kid can take before he grabs his own piece and his pace quickens. His huge mushroom head heaves a hefty load onto his tight tummy. Max makes sure to squeeze out every last drop. Yummy. #ThatsWhatFriendsAreFor