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He rose from the water like some ancient god his hair and skin glistened in the noon day sun. He smiled at the cute twink in the bleachers in front of him. They flirted but never got to the point of actually connecting. This meeting was fortuitous as the twink ended up in the pool for reasons that frustrated him to think about. All of that was forgotten when the swimmer smiled at him. The swimmer beckoned him with his eyes as he tilted his head towards the locker room. He followed the swimmer to the locker room and found himself staring at his svelte swimmer body. “What do you want me to do?” the swimmer asked with a puckish grin. The twink pointed at the swimmer's trunks. He smiled with half his mouth in a kind of crooked cocky smirk. He dropped his trunks revealing his glistening dick. “What now?” he asked and the twink got closer. The swimmer watched the twink's face, his eyes glued to the swimmer's dick, “Touch it,” he commanded. The twink did as he was told.

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