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He looked striking in his crisp uniform. He had just graduated from the academy and this was te first time he was able to go home and see the old neighborhood. It seemed so different but it had only been a few months since he went into the academy. He stood in front of his home soaking in the familiar sights that felt strangely alien now. Months surrounded by only men left him feeling strange. His old friend a hunky jock that he played football with in high school was the first to see him as he stood outside.

They exchanged pleasantries and went into the house. “I missed you,” he said. The newly minted man in uniform just smiled and nodded his agreement. It wasn't long before they sat on a couch talking. The jock's hand brushed his and e felt that strange feeling again. There was a long moment where they didn't speak but instead looked deeply into each other’s eyes. The jock was the first to speak, “I really missed you,” he said and leaned in.

The uniformed gay boy felt like he couldn't move, he couldn't breathe, and then he felt the tension unwind in his stomach and the kiss wasn't so unwelcome.

Moments later they had shed their clothes and rolled around on the living room floor, exploring each other's bodies.

Men in uniform are sexy, it's essentially a law of the universe at this point. This category is dedicated to the honor and bravery of our men in uniform because they're sexy as hell and deserve it. There are so many fantasies that start with a man in uniform. A cop, a soldier, a fireman, all will be explored and fucked in this category.

It seems so weird to write a description for this category because my instinct is just to write, “men in check our uniforms category out it is all about those gorgeous creatures. You will see their gorgeous bubble buts, their amazing borderline mystical cocks, and their chiseled chests. uniform getting frisky,” and be done with it but you need to know how hot this category is.