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Fire light flickers weakly from a single candle and then you see him. His arms held over his head shackled in the center of the room. He twists his head when he hears movement in the room. A thick boy clad in leather and wearing a mask steps forward and grabs the blind folded twink by the hair. The whole exchange is silent but it feels charged. The hooded hunk circles behind spits on his hand and shoves it inside the captive twink. The twink moans in pleasure as the hooded man lines up his cock with the twink's exquisite ass.

There is a dark place where the men are rugged and tough. It is a place where the sex is rough and that's just the way we like it. Lube is a luxury in the spitting category and these videos are all about roughing it. Watch our sexy twinks take it hard in the ass with only spit for lube.

The spitting category is the naughty corner of Helix, and we know it's a place you'll love to go. In the spitting category the gay boys are a little rougher around the edges but they still know what you need and exactly how to give it to you.

Sexy saliva is a prelude to bondage and submission. It's your backstage pass to a world that is just beyond the back wall of the goth club. Candle wax and flogs decorate the room waiting for an ass to bite.

Spitting category isn't just about bondage, we just love sucking cock and spitting has more than its fair share of cock sucking action.

Spitting is the channel for those who want it a little dirty and a little dark. It's our favorite place on Friday night but it's always good to come home to some good ass fucking.

Watch our cute twinks, hot jocks, and all the others you've grown to love in new situations while they suck and fuck everything in sight. These cocks are hard and waiting to penetrate but they know you want to feel it so they will only use the spit before they ram it home.