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Your first time often happens at high school and it’s for that reason that they occupy such a popular place in the collective consciousness. We all have those secret crushes that never came to fruition but Helix can make some of the fantasies play out for you in our school/students category. This category was inevitable and we want it to be something special for you to enjoy.

The couplings in this category all center around school and students. Often first times but sometimes it’s just boys being boys and when the cheerleaders aren't around the boys will play. There is so much potential for one on one, threesomes, orgies, and even parties in this category that it will be an action- packed category with smooth hard cocks and asses cumming together for your viewing pleasure.

Schools/students will let you take a trip down memory lane as twinks get it on with jocks and jocks get it on with everybody. Their tight muscular bodies being used in ways you've only dreamed of. Then there are the nerds crushing on the strong men of the school and their friends who are exploring their lust and their bodies as they fuck on and off school grounds.

Buckle in and get ready for your new favorite category as you watch school/students and get lost in the sexy bubble butts and tight bodies.