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There was a myth for years that bisexual just meant you couldn’t admit you were gay. Thankfully we live in more enlightened times these days, and everyone accepts that a person can be equally attracted to lovers of any gender. Gender is so much more fluid these days than it used to be, and getting fluids out of your new bisexual lover is often what Helix does best! Many gay pornstars and amateur porn actors, is only into men. There are plenty that enjoy both men and women equally, and will just as gladly have a hung twink fucking their ass, as they will slide their cock into the wet pussy of a female co-star.

There is a certain appeal to both men and women that identify as gay, or bi-sexual, to have a model of the opposite sex involved in sex scenes. This genre extends into many other genres of gay porn. Whether it’s a college frat boy party where some sorority sisters and frat boys start to all explore each other’s bodies in a giant sexually frenzied orgy of lust and cum, or a couple that decides to add a bit of extra cock into their usually normal hetero sex Tuesday night, bisexuals are a common theme. Having even more options to play with in the genitalia department can cause even more excitement for many a viewer, especially when the men in the scene want to fuck each other as well.

It adds a certain flavor to the movies that have a bi-sexual actor that are only fucking men on film. This can be an exciting distinction the gay men watching, because the bi-sexual actors involved have chosen to just fuck men, which can feel like a sexy added win for the gay community.

Bisexual porn will involve porn actors that have sex with both men and women, in a variety of ways. Porn that focuses on bisexuals will usually involve at least three people, and two of them will be of the same gender. Gay porn that has bisexuals in it, might not necessarily involve any female porn stars, but may also just have gay porn stars that are known for their bisexual nature. At Helix we like to include everyone and we never make judgments about sexuality, as long as it's consensual among adults everyone she be able to chase whatever gets them to cum the hardest!