Underwear Videos

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Ever since Tom Cruise slid across the floor in Risky Business I've had a sexy fixation on underwear. There's something mysterious hiding beneath and the underwear is all part of the tease.

I'm not sure why it's so sexy to see a hot young twink in briefs, but it just does something for me. It's our belief that it does something for you as well.

Underwear category may seem fetishtic but it's really just part of the preamble to what promises to be a to a long slow ride into pornographic bliss. Whether they're brief, boxers, or boxer briefs a young man in his underwear is going to raise your blood pressure. We want you thinking about what's below the underwear and that's where the appeal of underwear starts to become apparent. The tantalizing mystery of what lies beneath a thin layer of fabric. You see the perfect outline of a thick piece of meat. That's where we want you to look so when our gay boy brings his cock into view you're already begging for it.

Get into the mystery and let your imagination run wild thinking what his sexy dick could do to you if you ever got the opportunity. Then we'll show you what it can do even if we have to rip those pure whit panties off his nubile body to get to his fine ass and swollen dick. You're already imagining it just from the outline. Just from the hint of the wonders to come.

Underwear is the border town between abstinence and sex which is what makes it feel so forbidden. It has all the security of velvet rope but when you see a hunky jock rip the underwear away to make room for his engorged member while he fucks the twink silly. Their skinny bodies will make you squeal as you watch them get it on with every cock they encounter.

As with all our videos underwear will feature what you need from cock sucking, rimming, mutual masturbation, to hard fucking. We have what you need in the underwear category and then as always we raise the bar and give you something unforgettable. Underwear will leave a smile on your face.