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The Lake House: Arizona | Part Three

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It’s party time at “The Lake House,” and the boys are feeling playful, as they concoct some cocktails, jump in the pool, then take the kayaks out for a spin. While the rest of the gang frolic on the lake, Spencer Locke, and Dallas Preston catch some rays by the pool. After a little flirting, Preston formulates a plan to get Locke alone in the house. He offers to rub the lucky boy down with aloe; and, Locke returns the favor, with fuck on his mind.

Naturally, their red hot hormones take over and the sultry rub down turns into a deep, dick down! Preston falls to his knees, wet worshipping Spencer’s supersized schlong, choking, and gagging along the way. Then, Locke lifts the lad up, pulls his speedos down, and gets to work. He looks up at Dallas with the dude’s dick lodged in his throat, and is met with moans of pleasure. Dallas pulls Locke up by that beautiful mug; then, let’s him know, he’s about to get fucked.

Dallas doesn’t hold back on the delicious dirty talk, as he demolishes his bottom’s beautifully, smooth butt. Next, Spencer takes control; and, Preston gets pummeled as he bounces like a birthday boy on top of Locke’s long boy. Next, dirty talker Dallas suggests he get smashed on his back. Spencer is more than willing to supply a surplus of dick. He ays the lad till Dallas detonates liquid dick all over his tanned torso.

Locke is next to let loose, and he launches an epic load, coating his cutie’s cock, taint, torso, and freshly fucked hole with fresh, hot cum, before plunging back in to give his guy every ounce of his ooze.