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Hot Hookup

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Alex Riley is the alpha in this delicious dick dream, with beautiful bottom Brian Gibson. The perfect pair intertwine, kissing and caressing like horny high schoolers thirsting for hot, thrusting action. Naked and aiming north, Brian lays on his sculpted belly, ass in the air, and envelopes every inch of Riley’s rock hard rager. Hungry for cock, and ass, Alex dishes out some delectable double duty to Brian’s big uncut beast, and bangin’ back seat, sucking the sexy young stud in for all he’s worth.

Once he knows the dirty blond bottom can no longer take the teasing, he pushes his prime piece in, and absolutely punishes that perfect posterior. Gibson groans with pleasure, holding his own..... and his ankles while taking a beautiful beating. Alpha boy Alex orders B on top, then pumps the pretty boy like a bitch while Gibson grinds atop his big rig. Gibson’s uncut, girthy groin smacks Riley’s rippled abs as he bounces his bottom in time to his thick dicked thrusts.

After a rip roaring, royal ride, Brian’s bone is ready to bust; and, he lets loose all over Riley's ripped torso. The warm nut oozes over Alex’s body, causing his own bone to blow! He explodes, coating Gibson’s gorgeous back, butt, and balls with boy bust. The pair end in a postcoital cummy kiss that’ll steam up your screen something severe.