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Johnny Hands Solo Session

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Trevor Harris interviews gorgeous jock, Johnny Hands. The too hot 28 year old talks about his life, love of video games, the gym, and polyamory before Harris asks the hottie to show off his body. The erotic extrovert jumps at the chance, immediately shedding his shirt to reveal a tight, toned torso. He rubs his ripped bod, while eye fucking the camera before turning around and receiving an incredible ass examination from a horned up, handsy Harris.

Trevor carries his exam over to the front, lending generous strokes to Johnny’s giant jock before the boy takes meaty matters into his own hands. The two tag team Johnny’s juicy johnson, with Trevor tending to that ass with a spanking, AND a finger while Hands is on his cock. Johnny’s beautiful body flexes as he pumps his palm, playing with his pre-cum as he goes. He announces his arrival while sitting and stroking, shooting spunk straight in the air, clear past his nipples.

The bro blast lands on that chiseled chest. The rest of his wrath explodes absolutely everywhere, and Harris can’t help but come in to milk the last bit of load from the hot, hung hunk.