Room(mates) With a View

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Room(mates) With a View

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Room(mates) With a View

Jun 15th, 2015

Three totally different roommates have found a unique method of amicable conflict resolution. When things go wrong “there are consequences.” Rick screws up first; borrowing Prince’s car and scraping the door. Over the knee he goes for a long humiliating spanking on the jeans, boxer briefs and bare ass. Travis has used Rick’s good jeans without asking and put them in the dirty laundry. So over the knee Travis goes for similar humiliating treatment on his trousers, bright blue briefs, and bare backside.

Then Prince is called to task by Travis for the mess he left in the kitchen. Dangling in humiliation over Travis knee Prince gets spanked until his butt quivers, in his jeans, bright white briefs and on the bare behind. The trick is: each roommate gets an eye-full of the others. Not surprisingly turned on they, in turn, jerk off surreptitiously to a satisfying climax!