Pup Play Front Cover Photo

Pup Play

192 min SD

Pup Play, porn stores, and pornstars fill this sexy saga! Boyfriends, Garrett Kingsley, Luca Ambrose are looking to spice things up in the bedroom, when they happen upon Cocky-Punk, a store with ALL your needs, wants, and desires in Vegas. From then on, the too cute-twink twosome are on a jack-worthy journey, to dive into "Pup Play." Along the way, they meet gorgeous, top tier teachers, like hot hunk Josh Brady.

He introduces them to his friends with the same, sexy fetish, who also set the screen a blaze, as they deliver bone, like they mean business. By the end of the fire-hot, fifth act, every dog has his day, and is treated like a good boy in a five star, eight man orgy, where "Pup Play" reigns supreme, and every twink gets a tasty treat for being on their best-boy behavior.