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Pride Collection

120 min HD June 20, 2023

A special feature-length Pride anthology presentation of 5 historical scenes! Pride always brings out the best in the boys, and brings the best boys together in celebration! Hang with your favorite Helix hotties as they have fun at the festivals, show their pride at the parade, and get pounded by pretty boys with incredible appetites for ass! This cock stiffening collection shows the fan favs at Vegas and L.

A. Pride, where they discover some delicious fresh faces and phalluses! Since this is a proper Pride collection we absolutely had to end with an all out, all star, ass bangin' orgie! These gorgeously gooey gay pride pound-down scenes will have your Pride flag standing tall and strong"¦. never leaving you at half mast, even for a second! Scene 1: Getting Lucky at Las Vegas Pride [29 min] Starring: Derek Shaw and Luca Ambrose There's magic and music in the air as a big, gorgeous group of Helix hotties party at Pride, Las Vegas! As the night goes on, hunky Derek Shaw and tasty twink Luca Ambrose get closer.

Naturally, the porn-perfect pair end up back at the house for some post Pride pounding! Scene 2: Pride Pound [24 min] Starring: Ashton Summers and Tyler Hill There's always a special kind of magic in the air during Gay Pride. After a full day of fun Ashton Summers and Tyler Hill head back to the house to shower off, sweaty from a long day's celebration. Tyler looks tasty as hell dripping wet while sudsing up his supple plump back side.

He sees Summers getting a gorgeous eye-full and motions for the stud to join in. Scene 3: Pride Parade Pounding [27 min] Starring: Derek Shaw and Garrett Kinsley Join our Helix hottie's at the Pride parade, where there's magic in the air, and dirty thoughts in Garrett Kinsley's head! Dancing with uber hunk, Derek Shaw gets Garrett's gears turning, and we get a gorgeous peek into the pretty boy's mind's eye.

There, he's sucking face with Shaw, and the smoky smolder seems to melt their clothes away as fantasy becomes reality. Scene 4: Hollywood Pride Hook-up [29 min] Starring: Anderson Lovell and Matthew Keading The Helix twinks go on an incredible road trip to L.A. Pride with smooth new twink Matthew Keading. After getting to L.A. Matthew meets the super sexy Anderson Lovell and you can tell they have an instant connection.

The two boys quickly get to know each other, and pretty soon they end up alone in a hotel room, extremely ready to fuck. Scene 5: Vegas Pride Afterparty [23 min] Starring: Ashton Summers, Cameron Parks, Joey Mills, and Cole Claire Against a backdrop of thousands of hot guys, the boys have a fantastic time dancing, drinking and taking pictures with fans at Las Vegas Pride. Pride is always a great time, but the REAL fun happens at the after parties! The fab four have a hotel suite together and while Ashton and Joey are playing pool, Cameron is getting a sly suck job on the sofa.

Our sexy pool players decide to up the excitement so Ashton bends Joey over the table and plants his own pool cue in Mills pretty pocket. Once our pervy pool players catch Cole and Cam looking at them cock eyed, they invite them to join in and the real party begins! Buy the DVD here: