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Thick Dick Silas

17 min HD May 27, 2023

Silas Brooks, and CJ Parker are caught in lusty lip lock from the start, steaming up the screen with a hearty game of grab ass, while tossing clothes to the floor. Cock hound CJ sneaks down by Brooks' beefy package, and gives the girthy gift an unwrapping, before bobbing his head up and down on that D, dizzy with desire. He gags on the thick dick, but keeps on rockin' that cock like the pretty little pro he's quickly become, as Silas smashes schlong down his throat.

Brooks then orders the boy onto the bed; and, sexy CJ does as he's told....ass up, of course. Silas cracks the dude's can, smacks it with his dick, then plunges the pornstar sized piece in DEEP! The tasty top quickly steps on the gas, giving CJ's super smooth seat one hell of a hard pounding. The cock cam catches some epic ball smacking-ass banging action from underneath, while the boys moan in pure pleasure up above.

After hittin' it from the back, Brooks flips the lil' spinner over like a pancake, and continues wrecking ass, while holding the twink's legs in the air. He even tastes a taste of CJ's cute toes. (Hello, feet lovers!;) Silas slides the lil' guys legs over to the side, then slips his super sizer back where it belongs, to bring this hard hitting fuck home. With ecstasy in his eyes, Parker grabs his goods, and starts tugging.

He milks a load all over that beautifully smooth, tan stomach of his; and, Silas isn't far behind him! The tight bodied top tenderizes the twink's tight hole till he can't take it anymore! He uncorks, and unloads all over Parker's freshly pounded pucker. The hearty helping splatters across Parker's beautiful bubble, and oozes down into that hot, little hole. The fresh cream collects there; then, Silas slathers his salty seed all over CJ's seat, with his monster cock.

Absolutely delicious.