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29 min HD April 29, 2023

Beautiful bottom, CJ Parker tops for the first time on video, in this fantastic flesh-filled, fuck-fest! We paired the exotic, green eyed bohemian with naughty boy Noah Bentley and their chemistry is off the charts, causing them to rub their quickly thickening packages together as they kiss in the steamy opener. From then on out, it's a balls to the wall, boy bangathon! After the pretty pair show off their skill with mutual knob jobs, pretty boy Parker receives Noah's tongue in that epically smooth ass of his.

After priming the beautiful boy's back seat, Bentley can't resist slipping his big, beefy battering ram deep inside. Noah nails the hell out of the lil' hottie, hammering that hind end with horny, huge-hogged strokes. And THEN"¦. Bentley hops on top of the twink for a ride you won't soon forget! His hard cock hypnotizes as he grinds his gears up, and down Parker's perfect piece. After, CJ bangs the boy out on his back, with some impressive top twink, tail- tenderizing that's impressive for any guy in the giving position, let alone a dude delivering their first top, video drop! His hard hammering hits all the right spots in Bentley's back door, causing him to moan with soothing, sensual sex sounds, and of COURSE, explode in pure pleasure.

Parker aims his cock at Noah's freshly fucked butt hole, and douses it in dick drench. Then, he jams his juicy jock back in, and gives the twink's tight tunnel a few more pumps for good measure. We have to say, "job well done" to our fine ass, first timer! Thanks for the gooey, good time guys!