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Cum for Kai

Kai Taylor licking and sucking Asher Haynes's huge dick in this scene

24 min HD April 1, 2023

Asher Haynes and Kai Taylor take us to the promised land in this pretty boy pound-down! The guys are glued to one another's lips, and looking gorgeous. Haynes gets a good grip on Taylor's tight tail. He gropes the boy's beautiful, jockstrap clad can before Taylor's taste for cock creeps up on him. Overcome with horny hunger, Kai sinks to his knees, pulls at Asher's bulging boxer briefs, and nearly gets knocked on the noggin with the hottie's huge hog.

Kai cannibalizes the colossal cock like the connoisseur he is, licking and sucking every incredible inch. Asher signals for the sexy schlong sucker to sit back, and Kai takes heed. He eases back on the bed, allowing Asher to take meaty matters deep down his thirsty throat. After, Taylor takes the tatted twink by the handsome face, kisses him, then squats his sexy seat all the way down on the dude's delicious D.

Spread eagle towards the camera, the cock hungry cutie slides his sexed-up back seat up and down, bouncing his big, beefy bone for your viewing pleasure in the process. Haynes hammers the young hottie hard, smashing that epic ass in several salacious positions. Once on his back, the beautiful babe asks for a lusty love choke, and Asher is happy to accommodate. Haynes' thick, muscled hand around that throat sends sizzling signals to Kai's cock, and he gushes a glorious amount of goo onto his tight, tasty torso.

The sticky-good site sends Asher's ample appendage into overdrive. He hits the hottie's hotspot hard, then pulls out and paints that perfect posterior with pretty boy, pornstar spunk. The white hot nut looks luscious on Kai's buttery brown skin, and Asher can't resist entering that ass one more time.