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Chasing Your Tail

21 min HD November 12, 2022

Chase Williams, and Brandon Wells have a fiery flirt game goin' on! Lounging in bed, the pretty pair play around, exploring one another's tight, twink bodies, while tasting sweet, salty skinned young lips. The caresses lead to deep kisses, which bring Brandon down to Williams' quickly tightening jeans. His porn star sized package is so huge, it looks like hi-def 3-D dick, about to bust through his straining zipper.

Wells gives him some much needed relief, freeing the big beast from it's cock-cramped confines, and then wrapping his tender twink lips around the massive monster. Wells gives the guy one hell of a wax job, deep throating that D with expert suck skills, as Williams grabs hold of his hair, hammering that handsome head down even deeper. After the epic job well done, the talented tonsil tickler deserves a reward; and, he receives it, in the form of a righteously good, raw ride on Chase's spit-slick rig.

The lil' bottom really puts on a show too, bouncing his beautiful bubble on that big bone, spread eagle towards the camera, while spanking his spunk filled junk. His skin glows, light gold, and gorgeous, as he grinds his way to glory. Keeping things spicy, Chase kisses him full on the lips, then eases him onto his side, where the cocking continues. Chase amps it up a notch, smashing that supple seat hard, and spanking the sexed up slut hard enough to leave a hot pink, hand brand.

Then, our top twink plants his feet on the ground, stands tall, and really tears into his boy's tail! A symphony of sex sounds fills the room, as Williams absolutely wails cock into that tight, lil' ass. He pounds pipe till Brandon's boner busts, erupting like a volcano, in impressive, wild arches of naughty boy nut. Williams can't hold back; and, he plasters the pretty boy's freshly pounded, pink pucker with white-hot, pornstar spew.

The gooey gift glides down Brandon's butt like melting butter; and, Chase can't resist rubbing his still raging hard rod around in the porn putty. Then, he plunges his perfect, cum covered piece back up Brandon's banged up, back door.