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Park Pickup

25 min HD June 9, 2022

Dante Clark is working out inbox the park, when Asher Haynes saunters in to exercise as well. However, once Haynes notices Delicious Dante stretching, he's more interested in the view. Cocksure, and confidant, Asher takes off his shirt; and, it definitely does the trick. Soon enough, the pretty pair are no longer flirting from afar, but up close, and personal. The interaction leads the lusty lads to the bedroom, where their exercising continues.

They enjoy one another's well worked out bodies, with kisses, and caresses, before Clark winds up on his knees, eating Asher's thick meat like a carnivore. Next, Asher unzips his new buddies jeans, and quickly gets to work on Dante's delicious dick. For dessert, Asher enjoys a hefty helping of the hottie's fine ass. Horned up, and ready for more, Haynes heaves his hefty hog in, and goes buck wild on the boy's banging' booty.

Then, Haynes orders his new exercise partner onto his rig for a ride. Bottom boy bounces up,, and down like it's his b-day, cock towards camera, hyptnotizing, and hot as hell. After, Haynes hits that hind-end HARD! He stands up, and smashes that ass, like a hot, hammering, hard-on hero. His thick dick thrusts cause Clark to cream, coating himself in a super splatter of fresh spunk.Asher, feeling his bottom's butt clench around his coco, can no longer hold his erotic excitement either.

He pulls out, and points pretty boy's pucker with an extra large load of nasty -good nut. It drizzles down towards the twink's taint, and freshly banged out backdoor. Haynes can't resist the heat, and plunges his perfect, cum covered piece in once more.