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Unraveled | Part Four

31 min HD July 2, 2022

Helix continues to hit new heights, with the 4th erotic episode in the groundbreaking sci-fi, sex-saga, "Unraveled." Sexy boy, Seth Peterson continues to live the same day over, and over again; but, he's learning the rules of this wild romp, and, at times, making them work to he, and his friend's advantage. He's ALSO getting some serious ass, and dick, while learning valuable, life lessons along the way.

After confessing some high school hijinks he pulled on Reece Jackson, he starts to see a sensitive, sensual side to Reece; and, the tasty twosome wind up in the bedroom, tongues intertwined. Peterson connects with his cock hungry, high school buddy, in an epic, sword swallowing, ass eating, rump ramming type of way. Wanting to make up for the terrible trick he played on Reece back in the day, he suggests Jackson, "stick it in!" After a mouthful of Seth's beautiful backseat, this an exquisite second course; so, our boy takes the sexed-up suggestion, and really rams it home! Wanting to give his fine friend the full-fuck experience, Seth smashes the twink's tight tail as well, hammering that hot hole hard, till Jackson's juicy jock jizzes all over his tight, twink torso.

Seth continues to pump his perfect piece; then, he makes his way up to straddle the fella's face! Jackson receives a raunchy-good, magnificent mouthful of spunk from the super stud! Then, the pretty pair fall into one another's arms. With his heart on his sleeve, Reece finally confesses just how deep his feelings for Seth go. Stunned, and still unsure how this sci-fi adventure is going to pan out, Peterson panics.

He heads for the door, anxious to help his friends understand the unbelievable, same day cycle situation he's stuck in! He gives it a good go with cutie Kai; but, all that does is set him up"¦.. possibly for another, sex-soaked adventure?!?! Find out on the next incredible episode of, "Unraveled!"