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Unraveled | Part Three

30 min HD June 25, 2022

The deliciously dirty, dick drama continues in our sexy new saga, "Unraveled!" Still trying to figure out why he's reliving the same day over, and over, Seth Peterson decides to use the erotically unique experience to his ass-banging advantage. So, he speaks his mind to his buddies, as the fine-ass fan favs overflow in this epic series. He also decides to do a good deed, by bringing buddies Chase Williams, and Silas Brooks together.

What follows is a five star, huge hogged, twink pound-down, as the pretty pair collide in a cocksplosion of absolute ecstasy! The sizzling scene finds Silas smashing ass like the perfect pole slinger, and ends with Chase getting his can creamed! We also get a glimpse of pretty boy Peterson getting his comeuppance for that salty tongue of his! This sexed-up saga is satisfying to the last drop, and definitely brings ALL the goods, in every way!