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Tech Support | Part Five

31 min HD April 30, 2022

It's the final, fucksplosive episode of, "Tech Support!" As you've seen in past episodes, super sexed, tech support stud, Silas Brooks has been making the rounds in the neighborhood, lending way more than just a hot, helping hand to twinks with tech issues! He's solved disagreements, then dicked the dudes down. He's cocked more than a few couples like crazy. He even had a call to set up a camera, then ended up making movie magic with the horny, non-tech savvy, sluts! Here, we saved the freshest for the finale! New, dirty blond, blue eyed, pretty boy in the biz, Jack Waters is in need of a Bluetooth set up.

Silas gets it hooked, and working in a second, all the while, with a sly, sexy smile. Then, he adds, "if there's anything else you need." Jack can't HELP but take the beautiful bait! And, soon enough, he's thanking Brooks for the cock stiffening, Bluetooth connection, with an eyeball rolling back typa blowjob! Cocksure, and confident, Silas tells the twink, "I want you to throat fuck me!" Waters is up for anything, and all of it! He straddles Silas' sexy, "fuck me boy" face, takes a nice taste of his cock.

Then, Waters says what HE wants! And, what he wants, is to eat Brooks' beautiful butthole. After dining like a king, the pretty prince stands to deliver that delicious dick of his. He heaves his hog in, and hammers the tech support twink like a tank, while Brooks big behemoth bangs around, begging for attention. Waters gives him a hot lil' handy; then, the pretty pair switch it up. Here, we're treated to some epic, under ass- cock cramming camera angles as both boys top, and bottom for one another's tight tunnels.

Brooks takes the newbie on a prostate pounding tour, in some porny positions, causing the fresh faced fuck to flood the bed with his ultra fresh, white-hot, sex spunk. He covers the sheets, AND his taut torso, right before Brooks joins the juicy jizz fest! Silas slips his supersizer out of the hottie's hole, and absolutely annihilates Mr. Newbie' ass crack with cum! Then, he shakes the raunchy, spermy straggler seed off his big beast, sending it all over the boy's bangin' backside.

Brace yourself for this one, boys!