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Hookup Stories: Sebastian & Travis

Travis Stevens love to making out with Sebastian Cruz

26 min HD December 23, 2021

This uber hot edition of "Hookup Stories" begins with Sebastian Cruz going into delicious detail about meeting a boy at the grocery store, and the ferocious, flip-fuck that went down after! Naturally, we get to see Cruz in action after; and, in this sultry session, he's paired with sexy superstar, Travis Stevens! After some incredible kissing, Stevens shoves the boy on the bed, and goes right for that beefy bone.

He eats cock like an animal, using his sultry suck skills, and hot hands as he gasps for air, while spit drizzles down Sebastian's handsome face. Next, Cruz receives a raunchy-good face fucking, while he strokes his own supersized schlong. Then, Sebastian gets a tantric, tongue treatment on that tight tush of his, prompting him to beg for a fucking. Travis tugs his tail back to meet his rock hard rod, and shoves it right in.

He quickly gets to work, making Sebastian squeal, and bury his face in the bed, from the pole pounding pleasure. Super stud Stevens pulls the pretty boy up like a rag doll, and kisses him hard on the mouth, before continuing his cock crushing crusade. He then gives Cruz a ride on his big rig, as he cups his cheeks, and licks his nips for optimum ecstasy. Wanting a go at Cruz's juicy cock, Travis tosses his legs in the air, and orders up a fucking.

Happy to put his talents to good use, Sebastian smashes Travis out on his perfectly muscled back, while jacking his pulsing piece for him. Stevens gets close, as Cruz keeps cocking. He takes his hog in his hand, and explodes all over his well worked out abs. Sebastian speeds up, pulls out, then paints the pretty boy with beautiful blasts of boy bust. Spent, he settles into Stevens studly body for a cum soaked, postcoital kiss.