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Cream Dreams

28 min HD December 4, 2021

Super stud, Derek Shaw is doing his best to get work done. Eventually, erotic images of sexy, Seth Peterson dance through his head, and he drifts off into a delicious dreamland. With incredible, lusty lighting, we join the perfect pair in Shaw's sultry fantasy, where pipe hungry Peterson can't get enough of Derek's hunky hog. After suck boy, Seth downs that D like dinner, he's laid out on a pool table where Shaw returns the favor, then adds a tonguing to the twink's tight tunnel.

In a tantalizing transition, Derek's dick bounces against Seth's smooth butt hole, before the boy is treated to a tantric ride on the roughneck's raw rod. Derek's dick drilling dream continues with some delicious dirty talk as Peterson gets pummeled, bent over a railing, while ass smacking sounds fill the air. Shaw's erotic imagining then sends Seth onto his back, where Shaw smashes that seat, as he beats the boy's bone in perfect time to his thick dicked thrusts.

Then, as the hot hunk passionately kisses his boy's neck, Peterson takes his piece into his own hand, and jacks that jock to explosive ecstasy, while telling his top to, "fuck me harder." Derek's dick is about to detonate. Right then, Seth offers his "fuck me boy face." The pretty boy opens wide, slobbering down as much seed as he can, while the rest of Derek's wrath streams across his nut hungry mug.

Hungry for more, Peterson plunges his thirsty throat down on the cum covered cock, and gobbles as much gorgeous goo as he can before Derek's wet dream fades into a magical, indelible memory.