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Hookup Stories: Chase & Jeremy

25 min HD November 11, 2021

Jeremy Hall shares a hookup story, about when he was the door guy at a club. He notices a pretty, young thing and gets his flirt on. Eventually, the boy invites him over to his place, where it goes DOWN! This is when Hall realized he had a big dick, as the boy beneath him writhed in that sweet mix of pleasure, and pain. Since this IS, "Hookup Stories," we are then whisked away, into a torrid, twink tryst with Jeremy, and Chase Williams.

On the bed, Chase pulls the pretty boy's pants down, and gets right to sucking on the slut's slab, exclaiming, "your dick is big!" And, it IT! So big in fact, Williams has a hard time fitting the entire appendage down his throat! No matter though. Williams uses his hand, mouth, and expert skills to suck that schlong like a savage. With a hefty hog that's quickly growing himself, Chase eases up the bed, and shoves his big behemoth down Hall's thirsty throat.

Jeremy's johnson is too juicy to let go, so Williams waxes poetic on the pole with a hot handy. Then, he spins around for an epic 69 sesh, complete with a sizzling, ass eating- cock sucking combo. With a warm, wet, horny hole , chase sits right down on the dynamite D, and gets to bouncing that bubble. He then hops off, and backs that butt up into Jeremy's giant for some delicious doggy. Wanting to level the porny playing field, Jeremy pipes up with, "I want you to fuck me.

" They say ask, and you shall receive, and boy DOES he! Chase dicks the dude DOWN on his back, as Hall reaches around Williams' thigh to make sure he's hitting his deepest depths. Feeling a familiar tingling in his balls, Hall juices his jock till it explodes in white hot nut! Chase uncorks his cock, immediately sending cream careening down onto his conquest. The two fresh batches of boy bust mix all over Williams' smooth stomach, as Chase goes in for a final kiss.