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Hookup Stories: Chase & Chris

26 min HD December 2, 2021

Chase Williams opens this exciting edition of "Hookup Stories," with a romantic tale that involves flowers, flirting, and fucking! Then, we're transported to the bedroom, where we get to see an uber hot hookup with the porn prince, and colossally cocked, Chris Peyton. After a steamy snog, and strip, hungry hottie Chase drops to his knees, removes Payton's black boxer briefs, and gets checked on the chin by his huge, uncut hog.

The boy feasts like a king on the oversized schlong, as Chris heaves his hips forward. Eventually, the dom, big dicked dude hurries Williams across the room to the bed, where he sheds him of his shorts, and shoves Williams' wang down his thirsty throat. Next, the strapping young man tosses the twink's legs in the air, and goes ape shit on that ass! After, a thorough tonguing, he spins the boy over with ease, stands up, and crams his extra long dong in, balls deep.

The sexy stud gets right to work, pounding that ass like a pro. Williams reaches back to thank him with a hot, wet kiss, causing the cock rocker to hit even harder. Next, williams asks for a ride, and the six foot, 2 inch tall top is happy to give him one. Payton is entranced, watching Chase's bone bounce, as he gyrates atop his cock. He caresses the boy's perfect flesh as they fuck, taking in the sultry view.

Then, Payton's dom tendencies kick back in, and he flips the boy onto his back, where he continues his epic ass assault, with a lite love choke. Chase's dick starts to stretch. He grabs the juicy jock, and milks his meat like a master, coating his tight stomach with hot, fresh cream. Payton follows, painting the pretty boy with pure white, gooey gold.