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UnRomantic Getaway: Part Five

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When Derek Shaw shows up to take Aaron to lunch, Aaron confesses to Asher Haynes, that the country cutie is just too nice for him, and Haynes should, “help him out.” After getting a good look at the hot hunk, Asher does just that! The pair really hit it off; and, soon enough, they end up wrapped in an erotic, clothes peeling, tongue twirling embrace. With huge hard-ons jutting from their drawers, the boys continue to kiss, until Derek’s giant jock gets the best of Haynes, and he ends up on his knees.

He delivers a hot, hand stroking-hummer that leaves Shaw wanting to return the favor. Derek deep throats that dick like a demon, then plants his handsome face in Asher’s hot, hairless ass. With an arched back, Asher tosses booty back at the boy, then looks back at him and says, “put your cock in me.” The super stud does as he’s told, smashing that supple seat into submission while ordering Asher to, “take that dick.

” Deep dicking Derek flips the beautiful bottom over, and continues the crazy hot smash sesh without missing a beat. The raging hard, country boy cock has Asher’s head thrown back in absolute ecstasy, and he moans like a dick drunk bitch as he strokes his schlong till it spits. The tattooed twink tosses boy bust all over his shredded stomach, causing a chain reaction in Shaw’s shaft. Derek goes off like a geyser, splattering Asher’s cheeks, hole, balls and taint with his spunk.

The spent young studs end in the perfect kiss, then Haynes hitches a ride home with the hottie. Aaron’s loss was definitely Asher’s gain!