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Hookup Stories: Travis & Asher

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“Hookup Stories” is BACK, with fan fav, Travis Stevens givin’ ALL the good grease about a hot gym hookup! He dives into delicious detail on the erotic encounter, which started off in the gym, went to the steam room, then lands at the hottie’s house! Afterwards, since this is, “Hookup Stories," Travis lets us tag along to his blistering hot boy bang, with new dude on the block, Asher Haynes.

The perfect pair make out while groping the goods. Then Stevens pushes the pretty boy onto the bed, slides his drawers down, and releases his raging hard rod, which emerges with a loud, big dicked smack to Ashers smooth, tight stomach. Travis puts in some incredible work, deep throating that dong like it’s his last meal, before ordering Haynes to flip over for an epic, ass eating. Stevens stands up, then slips his schlong inside Asher’s amazing ass, and gets to grinding that golden boy groin in HARD! His expert thrusts are met with magnificent moans of pleasure.

Then, the dirty blond dick slinger switches it up, and gets banged out on HIS back! Haynes puts a hurtin’ on Travis’ tender, twunk tush, causing our bottom boy to bust all over, coating his crotch, AND the comforter beneath them with spunky spew. The brunette bad boy keeps right on cocking till he's ready to rage, causing Travis yo instinctively turns over. The dirty blond cum slut catches a few delicious drops on his tongue.

The rest of Asher’s wrath spills over onto Stevens’ brawny chest, before Haynes goes in for an incredibly hot, cum coated kiss.