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Hookup Stories: Asher & Seth

26 min HD September 9, 2021

New boy on the block, Asher Haynes shares an uber hot hook up story about gettin' it on with one of his GIRLFRIEND'S old hook ups! The beautiful brunette also shares his love of ass, and topping in his interview. Then, sexy Seth Peterson graces the screen to give the newbie some ample ass to demonstrate his talents. The make out sesh will send shivers down your spine, while the dick hungry dudes get down to the business of tearing off clothes.

Peterson's mouth is like a heat seeking missile, naturally finding it's way to Haynes' huge, already rock hard hog. Seth does dances on the D with his tongue, while Asher lets little breath escape, in absolute ecstasy. Knowing what a good boy he's been, Seth stands cock sure- confident, takes his shorts off with ease, then shoves his schlong in Haynes' handsome face. The guy gobbles the gorgeous groin down to the gonads; then, Peterson turns around, and places that perfect pucker down on the boy's butt muncher.

It's a sloppy good 69, where both boys display their tremendous talents. Horned up, and ready to get his hole filled, Seth takes a seat on the newbie's knob, for some deep dick riding- ass action. Haynes heats the hottie's hind up even more doggy style, before bangin' the boy out on his back, and bringing it home! Peterson's perfect lips part, his breath quickens, and he jacks his juice filled jock till it spits all over his six pack.

Asher keeps annihilating that ass till he's ready to bust. And, what a money shot it is! Just when you think it's the spunk finale, the guy engulfs Seth in more, and more goo! Peterson even remarks that he's never seen anyone cum that much! The pretty pair end in a funk filled-cum puddle kiss that could thaw the coldest of hearts.