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Beach Bums: Florida | Part Five

29 min HD September 2, 2021

Seth Peterson is pretty peeved, after stumbling into his boy Garrett's threesome"¦.. without him! That's when a horned up, Aiden Garcia, and Keagan Case walk by, and convince sexy Seth that he has every right to be a whore too! It doesn't take much doing, and soon enough, the three young bucks get to doin' the deed. It's revenge sex at it's finest; and, Seth pulls out ALL the stops. After a triple tongue twirl with the two, Peterson is on his knees worshipping Aiden's uncut cock; AND, he's kind enough to share it with Keagan.

Knowing he put in some exemplary work, Peterson stuffs his perfect piece down Aiden's dick sucker, and our boy MORE than returns the fellatio favor. The delicious, dick sucking train changes up a bit as cock hungry Case takes center stage, before being pushed onto the bed for some ass eating, triple trouble. Garcia stands up at the tail end, and shoves his extra large schlong into Seth's supple seat.

Mr. "In the Middle" then throats Keagan's colossal cock, making for a succulent spit roast, where Peterson gets absolutely pounded! Wanting to get his wick wet, Seth sends Case over the edge with a deep dicking that makes the bed shake, as Aiden fills the boy's other hot hole. The thirsty thrupple thunder through several other porn perfect positions before ending in a fuck train, of explosive climaxes.

All three beautiful boys wind up covered in creamy loads, with Peterson plunging back into Aiden's incredible ass in the epic fuck finale.