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Beach Bums: Florida | Part Four

26 min HD August 26, 2021

It's party night for the "Beach Bums!" All the guys are havin' a blast mingling , dancing and drinking, and as secrets start spilling, Garrett Kinsley grabs Silas Brooks, and leads him back to what he thinks is an empty bedroom. However, Chase Williams is stretched out on the bed, looking like a late night snack; so, the pretty pair immediately invite him to join their twink tryst. Lips are kissed, clothes fall to the floor, and within a minute Silas surrenders to sucking some double dick! Soon enough Williams is then wetting his whistle on Brooks big bone, while Garrett goes ham on the hottie's hole with his thrusty tongue.

With Williams' rear-end wet and ready, Kinsley cocks him down while he continues sucking Silas' super sizer. From there, Chase spins around and switches the sexed up-spit roast around, before Garrett gives Brooks a ride on his gargantuan groin. Chase keeps Kinsley's cock sucker busy as the boy bounces. Then, the guys let Garrett know it's his turn to get got! Williams wails on the boy's bottom till Kinsley's colossal cock spits white gold all over his beautifully bronzed torso, nasty style, right up to his neck! Chase is next to blow.

He pulls out of golden boy Garrett, and adds to his incredible amount of ooze. Next, sexy Silas spits seed in long, rich ropes, coating Kinsley's crotch. The satisfied sexpots kiss, thanking Chase for staying, right before Seth Peterson accidentally stumbles into the room. This will definitely add to the gorgeous, guy gossip going around the Beach Bum's inner circle. Will pretty boy Peterson tell? Find out on the next naughty installment of, "Beach Bums," coming soon!