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Sports: Shoot Your Shot

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Jordan Lake eyes cutie, Reece Jackson practicing at the park, on the basketball court scoring some points all by himself. But, it’s Reece who makes the first move, asking the dirty blond twink if he wants to play some one on one. After a good game, Lake asks for a ride home. Jackson eyeballs the boys package, then agrees. Soon enough, the boys are at Jackson’s place lol locked like the horny teens they are.

Jordan decides to take it to the next level, shedding their shirts before dominantly holding Jackson’s hands behind his back, before stripping their basketball shorts off in one fell swoop. They palm one another’s puffed up pieces over their black underwear, then REALLY get down to business! Reece drops to his knees, giving Jordan’s Johnson a deep throating he won’t soon forget. Never one to be outdone, Lake shows off HIS luscious skills on Reece’s rock hard rod with horny hunger.

Then, he tosses the brunette ball players legs in the air, spits in his hold, and goes to town. After an epic ass seating, he asks Jackson, “you want me to fuck you now.” Naturally the horned up hottie says yes, and each thrust from Jordan’s jock is met with a magnificent moan. Next, our top twink turns the dude over and goes hard, doggy style. Reece gets a good bounce going, and bangs back up into Lake’s large lance.

Then our beautiful bottom takes a raunchy ride on Jordan’s jock, and hoses his hot torso down with twink toss. Lake announces his arrival, so Reece reaches back and spreads his cheeks, hoping to get all the glorious goo up his chute. Once the boys are spent, and satisfied, they collapse into a cum, cuddle puddle, which keeps them both nice and warm.