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Hotel Helix: Showtime

24 min HD June 10, 2021

After a naughty night of delicious debauchery at a bachelor party, Aiden Garcia wakes to find high priced porn-super stud, Jace Myers politely waiting for his pay. Jace not only gets paid, but also receives a sultry strip show from Aiden, who confesses he's always wanted to entertain, just like Jace. The sexy strip show heats up; and, soon enough Garcia is on his knees gobbling up Myers massive meat.

Anxious to show off his assets, Aiden stands up, pulls down his drawers, and smacks Myers right in that perfect mug with his incredible, uncut cock. Jace quickly gets to work on the giant jock, working the lusty Latin's love lance with his talented tongue and hog hungry hands. Then, Aiden takes a balls deep seat right on Myers' meat. After the righteously raw ride, Jace begs for a banging. Garcia is more than happy to hump the hottie, but heats his hole up with an epic ass eating first.

Next, our boy smacks Jace's junky trunk and asks, "you ready for some dick?" The brunette beauty is more than ready. He takes every inch of Aiden's ample appendage, as he looks back at his booty bangin' bad boy, moaning all the way. The sinewy sex stars switch top duties once more, and Myers mashes his massiveness into Aiden's ass with the boy on his back. The tattooed twink takes his cock in his own hand, beating that beefy bone as Jace smashes ass.

Garcia explodes in glorious goo, all over his golden stomach! Jace joins the peen pumping party and jack's his giant, letting his juice loose all over Aiden's already cum slicked, twink torso.