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Hotel Helix: Trophy Boys

26 min 11.91K Views HD

After an epic award’s ceremony where both Helix hotties, Eli Bennet, and Garrett kinsley come back with the gold for “Best Scene,” Garrett starts wondering if the perfect pair should become a power couple, and Starr’s flirting…. HARD. They were supposed to head out to the after party; but, Eli catches Garrett’s vibe, and the boys go for the gold again, only this time in the privacy of their own hotel room.

Eli eats Kinsley’s Cock, before being invited to sit on the boy’s face, for a ferocious 69 session. After getting the raven haired hottie’s hole nice and wet, Garret invites the pretty boy to take a seat on his hog. Bennet bounces on that big bone like a bitch in heat, until Garrett hits it from the back in a delicious doggy. He mounts the young, smooth slut like a lion and REALLY goes to work, before offering up his own ass for a pile dick driver from Eli’s enormous appendage.

Bennet breaks Kinsley’s Cock hungry hole, causing the dirty blond to explode all over his own mug in a moment of pure, porn perfection. However, this cum fest is far from over! Eli steps back, and aims his wide weapon directly at Garrett’s thirsty, heavily thrusted hole and ejaculates every ounce of ooze he’s got into Garrett’s glorious, hot hole. These “Trophy Boys” put their hotel room through some porn perfect paces, and after that wild workout, who needs an after party!