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Wilderness Workout

Outdoor twinks Alex Riley and Seth Peterson getting flirty during their workout

27 min HD August 15, 2020

With nobody at the park, workout buddies, Alex Riley and Seth Peterson get mighty flirty during their outdoor activities. After working up a sweat, the guys continue roughhousing and tickling each other at Seth's place. Amped up on endorphins, Alex takes a chance and plants a kiss on Peterson. The pretty boy is more than receptive, and soon enough, their well worked out bodies are writhing, and clothes are falling to the floor.

Riley takes his time breathing in Seth's sweet scent outside his underwear, before tearing them off and getting on that cock. After a supreme suck job, Seth slides Alex drawers down and dives onto that dick like a hungry demon. Bent over, the camera catches an incredible shot of Seth's back seat, before Alex invades that ass with his tongue, which sends Seth begging for a fucking. He hops up on all fours, as Alex prepares to slide his perfect piece in and gets to smashing.

The five star fucker slams Seth silly, sending a symphony of nut slapping sounds through the air before bottom boy sits down on Riley's rig and takes it for a raw ride. After the beautifully bumpy ride, Peterson gets pounded out on his back where Riley literally fucks a bucket of precum out of him. Then, he grabs his precum coated cock and jacks it to completion, covering his tight, tan, tummy with a tidal wave of twink toss.

The sticky sight is too much for Alex to take, and he explodes all over Peterson's freshly pounded posterior. He plunges his piece back into the cum coated hole, slaps his slick slab on the boy's crack, then kisses his buddy to thank him for an incredible workout.