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Beach Bums | Ep. 8 Wingman

19 min HD October 1, 2020

Johnny hands is not only a great fuck buddy, he's also a wonderful wingman, as Austin Lovett finds out one day at the beach. Hot hunk Hands hooks Austin up with a beautiful beach boy named Dawson Grant, who happens to be passing by. Within milliseconds the two, tasty twinks find a secluded outdoor area to get down, and dirty! After some deep kissing, Austin heads down to investigate all Dawson has to offer, and spends some serious suck time slobbing the knob of the pretty, porn newbie.

After, Grant gets to gorging on Austin's girthy gift. Dawson's downright, delicious, dick licking leaves Lovett wanting more; so, he flips over and gives the guy a go at his other end. Up for the task, Dawson dives in tongue first, plunging his pretty face in and out of Austin's ass like a piston before saddling up, and plunging his perfect piece in the pretty boy's tight pucker. Dawson delivers a dastardly dick down, before turning the tables and taking it up the ass like a champ himself.

Austin gives as good as he got, pounding Dawson's dick hungry hole till his cock creams, spewing spunk all over his shredded stomach. Lovett lays into it harder, pulls out, then plasters Grant with a gorgeous amount of porn star goo. The new buddies kiss, then give praise to Johnny hands, who is definitely one hell of a wing man!