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#Helix: Josh Brady and Riley Finch

46 min HD June 13, 2020

#Helix, our super popular series where fan favs answer all your questions and act out your kinky requests from twitter is back! This edition finds josh Brady and Riley Finch answering all ur queries, from parents knowing about their porn, to their their fav video games, AND the guys even disrobe to explain their tattoos! The requests are nice and spicy, and range from spanking to deep throaring, which, as you can imagine, starts the guys out on an erotic adventure! After some deep kisses, Finch is more than happy to dive into a request, deep throating Brady's beefy beast like a dick hungry demon.

Not one to skimp on the reciprocation, Josh jumps on Riley's rig to return the favor. Our alpha enjoys a good ass, and Riley's got one of the best in the biz. Brady breaks into that lil' pink pucker with his tongue, then with that big battering ram. After fucking the dude down in doggy, josh serves up another twitter request, and smashes ass standing, holding the twink midair like the super stud he is! After the erotic aerobics, Finch gets banged out on his back till his cock creams.

He splatters his tight twink torso with toss, daring Brady to do the same. Josh rains down a raunchy wrath, covering the twink with his cock before going in for a final steamy kiss.