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Rhodes Gets Railed

26 min HD June 18, 2020

After an explosive debut in his solo video, big dicked, dirty blond twink Levi Rhodes is back, paired with one of the BIGGEST boys on our roster, juicy Jace Myers! Excited and unapologetic, Levi practically starts the video on his knees, anxious to please! He strips the smooth bodied Jace from his shirt, then works his way down to that dick, slow and sensual, teasing Myers massive meat over his overstuffed underwear, daring him not to get hard.

When the cute cock star pantses pretty boy completely, that dick is diamond hard and begging for a mouth. Levi takes his time, enjoying, every inch of the big beast with tongue slaps and deep dick dives while Myers moans for more. Anxious to taste the new guy, Jace hops onto his stomach, unzips the lad's jeans, and releases the swingin', super sized schlong into his mouth. The naughty newbie is rock hard in an instant and the infamous cock cam catches Myers' mouth working it's magic balls deep.

Jace's juicy ass in the air is too tempting for the twink, and soon enough he winds up tongue deep in the dude. Next, Levi gets up from his knees, takes another taste of Jace's johnson, slaps his cock on the boy's butt, then breaks into that beautiful back door. Our boy slides slow and steady, AND balls deep, then puts the pedal to the metal, plowing pretty boy full force, as Jace begs for more fuck.

Seat slapping ball smacking fills the air as Levi gets hypnotized by Jace's huge hard on. The D is too delicious not to take for a spin, so the tight bodied top turns into a bronc riding bottom with Jace's hands at his hips as he bounces hard. After the raw ride, Rhodes gets railed on his side, HARD. Myers blasts that ass good till the golden boy busts, splattering spunk all over himself. Myers pulls out, then beats his meat till he's covered the twink's sliced up six pack and with sack seed.

Jizz oozes from Jace's jock, coating Levi's crotch with cum as as the camera captures Rhodes gorgeously gaped hole while the two hotties kiss.