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RealCam: Ashtin Bates and Levi Hatter

35 min HD June 16, 2020

North Carolina cutie, Levi Hatter takes a trip to Michigan to hook up with tattooed bad boy Ashtin Bates, and we snagged their private phone footage to share with you! Bates shows Levi the sights, and in return, receives some serious road head..... to CUMpletion! Hungry Hatter eats every drop, only amping up Ashtin's anticipation for that ass! With cameras set up at every angle, and one POV in hand, the boys snuggle and strip in Ashtin's bed.

Loin lush Levi lays into Bates' beast for the second time. Famished from the long drive, Bates dines on some dick as well, stroking his own bone towards the camera in the process. The intimate exchange gets downright delicious as Ashton eye fucks the shit out of the camera before giving us a perfect POV of him entering Hatter's hot little hole! The other cam catches Ashtin's incredible ass as he drills the dude before we catch some deep- fuck kisses at the other angle.

Levi gets banged out good on his back, and smashed on his side before taking a raw, rough ride on Bates big beasty. Hatter's huge hog sways as he swivels those hips, and receives a little love choke from Bates right before he busts! He keeps his promise from the car and blows his load all over Ashtin's chest. Then, he shoves his still spitting schlong in his top's warm, waiting mouth. Bottom boy hurries down to Bates bone, which is about to blow.

He swallows his second load of the day, then snowballs it into cum connoisseur, Ashtin's mouth with a sticky kiss.