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Cade Gets Laid

18 min HD May 7, 2020

Making out like horny high schoolers, Cade Rivers takes off his shirt as Nathan James does the same, then he pushes the Rivers onto the bed. He covers the smooth boy's flesh with kisses on his way to that chubby cock, which bounces out when naughty boy Nathan pulls at the dude's drawers. James jams the juicy jock down his throat and does that stocky, thick schlong a severe suck job. Cade call out for some cock in his mouth, and Nathan has the enormous, eight incher to satisfy.

He crams the uncut monster between the lad's lips, puts a hand to the back of the boy's pretty head, and receives a sloppy good throater. Next, he whips off his jeans, jumps on Cade's bare bone, and bounces his bubble butt like a boss ass bottom. He tells Rivers what he wants next, and takes his ass doggy style, pummeling the pretty boy's tight lil' pucker with every incredible inch, as seat slapping, sex sounds fill the air.

Rivers turns over onto his back to look at the lad as he gets piped down. Newbie Cade takes the bareback beating like a pro; then, he busts a nasty nut and wraps his legs around Nathan who pumps his insides with a fresh, warm cream filling.