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Private Education

12 min icon 6272 views HD July 16, 2018

Privileged pretty boy, Trevor Harris thinks the rules don't apply to him at his private prep school. Back at home, the man with the money realizes his rambunctious rule breaker needs to be broken down and he starts by bending him over Daddy's desk. His benefactor, Jeff Sterne has spent thousands of dollars on the kid's tuition and wants to see a respectable return while teaching Trevor to respect his authority.

Sterne also has a bad ass backhand and decides to put his paddle-board of education to use on Harris' hind end, teaching the cocky, class clown the value of a dollar and of discipline. Sterne crashes into Trevor's smooth caboose, using heavy hands in varying delicious degrees of derriere discipline mixed with the fierce force of his wooden warden to dominate the devious delinquent into submission.

Jeff teaches the twink a smacking good lesson, paddling the pretty boy's perfect posterior in several sexy stages of undress. After THIS lesson, every time Trevor sits his sexy ass down at his desk, he's going to feel the beautiful, beet red burn of Sterne's strong hand.