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Ryan Bailey Au Naturale

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Spend the day with beautiful Ryan Bailey who is on a sensual, seductive and nearly tantric sexual journey. The camera follows Ryan as he listens to relaxing music and primps before undressing slowly and spreading his cheeks, aware of the camera, but completely at ease and gives an amazingly erotic solo performance. He climbs into the shower, letting the warm water wash over his bronze skin as he cleanses himself of any earthly worry.

He lathers up his ample ass, then gives his gorgeous cock some love, slowly stroking, letting it fill half way and flopping it around enjoying his youth AND his gigantic gift. After the shower show, Bailey and his bone structure step outside. He basks in the sunlight, allowing it to capture the beauty of his flawless bronze complexion before sitting down and capturing his own beautiful beast with both hands.

With the sun still bouncing off his body he takes his time with his young manhood, enjoying every inch. Slowly his groin grows to it's full glory, engorged and gorgeous Ryan lays his head back and exhales into complete solo dick indulgence. His strokes get quicker, in time with his breath, he knocks something in the room over but doesn't notice wrapped up in orgasmic ecstasy. He climaxes. His liquid love pours onto his smooth six pack and as he oozes out more he coats his own cock and just keeps stroking, enjoying every last succulent moment of pure pleasure.