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Tickle Threeway

26 min 9.29K Views HD Jul 14th, 2017

Join this tantalizing tickle fight from teen heart throbs Grayson Lange, Hunter Graham and Drew Baker at their sexy sleep over. With tender teens this age hormones are raging and bones are blazing, so of COURSE a tickle fight leads to some tonsil hockey. Between these three there's definitely a LOT of cock to go around. Hunter services his two buddies before they place Baker in the middle and Lange licks his bakery fresh buns as Graham stuffs the other end with his cock.

Hunter keeps his hog in the kids mouth as Grayson gears up to give Drew a deep, bareback dicking. Grayson's gorgeous low hangers tap our boy's beautiful smooth butt with some sweet slapping sound effects. The dynamic duo spit roast the dirty blonde till he's well done before switching out their slippery schlongs. Baker is one lucky dick bitch, he's serviced severely with a piece in his ass, his mouth, AND his own throbbing cock in Grayson's wet, warm pie hole.

Not willing to let him have ALL the fun, Hunter hops on Baker's boner and bounces while being blown by Lange's luscious lips. The boys wind up in a fuck and suck slutty sex train where Lange lays some serious dick DOWN before nutting in Hunter's hot hole, leaving it stuffed with creamy goodness. Graham goo's all over Drew's pretty mug causing him to erupt like a volcano. This threesome leaves NO hoe left unturned!