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Saxon Whacks Off

22 min HD March 28, 2017

North Carolina nasty boy Oliver Saxon gets grilled by masturbation maestro Max Carter. After chatting about working out and his favorite fetish which is underwear, we find out Saxon's go-to hobby is fencing. A bit ironic considering Ollie will be doing some sword fighting with us here at Helix as well! Saxon tells Max he's been exercising every day and is more than happy off show off for the camera.

The golden boy looks gorgeous naked and gets massively marble hard when Carter handles his hefty hog with a hot hand job. Max gets our boy to bend over, spreading his ample ass for your boner inducing pleasure. Its obvious the opening is in need and Max makes good use of his giant hands but doesn't stop there. He asks "The Sax" if he'd like a dildo and the kid practically pre-cums with glee. After Carter test drives it inside for him (#ThatsWhatFriendsAreFor) Oliver is ordered to get on his back and the boy happily complies.

His grateful hole sucks the entire dildo down to the base, allowing the full length inside. Using two hands he works his ginormous groin as his greedy hole visibly twitches in ecstasy, sucking it's new friend deeper. Offering Saxon maximum pleasure, Master Max lends some helpful thrusts allowing his porn protege to "whacks on and whacks off!" His big boner needs two hands which launch his load sky high! His spooge splashes down on his beautifully shredded bronze body before Max massages it all over his massive member like it's an essential oil.